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The Future Heavies
Mark Crino - bass

The Future Heavies
Mark Crino's love of 1980s music started while staying up late with his older brother Dave to watch Friday night videos. From heavy metal to rap to new wave, Mark consumed it all. Growing up in the Bronx during the 1980s was an amazing time: seeing the birth of rap, breakdancing, and getting to go to block parties, which was truly a historic experience. Soaking up the pop culture which was so fruitful in the 1980s was euphoric. One day his aunt and uncle bought him his first album, Michael Jackson's "Thriller," which got played nonstop. Mark started learning guitar with his next door neighbor and dreamed of being a musician. In the late 1980s his parents gave him a gift that would change it all: his first electric bass.

The Future Heavies

Mark joined his first band, the Bronx-based metal outfit Deadlock with his brother Dave, and played his first club gig at age 14. In the early 1990s Mark moved to Connecticut, and after meeting some amazing musicians, including Future Heavies drummer Andy Chatfield, he continued a long musical journey playing various styles, including alternative, jazz, funk, rock, and jam. In 2014, he approached Andy about forming a new project playing the music they both loved from their youth, and The Future Heavies was born!

Andy Chatfield
- drums
Alice-Anne Harwood Sherrill - lead vocals
Matthew James - lead vocals
Ron LaRosa - guitar and backing vocals
David Lovelace - keyboards

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