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The Future Heavies
Matthew James - lead vocals

The Future Heavies
Matthew James was born in 1984. His 1980s childhood heroes include Hulk Hogan; David, The Gnome; and Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael (but definitely not Donatello, who is absolutely no one's favorite of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

The Future Heavies

Matthew began performing in the summer of 2001 as a theme park costumed character. He's portrayed The Riddler, Chuck E. Cheese, and various Looney Tunes characters; as well as improv comedy shows.

In 2004, Matthew began working with Bristol Connecticut's Fly by Night Entertainment as a stilt walker, balloon artist, and brand ambassador.

The Future Heavies
In 2008, Matthew moved to Playa del Carmen, Mexico to apprentice under a master hypnotist and learn the art of stage hypnosis. He has performed internationally at colleges, high schools, corporations, and world famous comedy clubs, such as Carolines on Broadway in Times Square as Hypnotist Matthew James.

The Future Heavies
His love of the 1980s has led him here to become one of the lead vocalists for The Future Heavies - and having to sleep with a Glo Worm night light.

Matthew's all time favorite band is U2, though Kajagoogoo is a close second.

The Future HeaviesThe Future HeaviesThe Future Heavies

The Future Heavies
The Future HeaviesThe Future Heavies

Andy Chatfield
- drums
Mark Crino - bass
Alice-Anne Harwood Sherrill - lead vocals
Ron LaRosa - guitar and backing vocals

David Lovelace - keyboards

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