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The Future Heavies
Ron LaRosa - guitar and backing vocals

The Future Heavies Ron LaRosa's love of popular music began early on. His first album was Meet the Beatles, which got played over and over, until it was practically unplayable. This was the start of a long obsession with classic rock and guitar playing. Although reluctant, at first, to fully embrace the somewhat softer, more danceable musical sound that the '80s brought, he soon became hooked on the undeniable quality of this new music which was everywhere. His girlfriend turned him on to '80s music bars like The Moon in New Haven, Connecticut and Willow Street in Port Chester, New York; and listened only to WLIR, an exclusively alternative rock radio station. Already a huge fan of The Police, U2 and The Cars, he greedily acquired albums by The
, The Clash, Squeeze, Duran Duran, R.E.M., and many others.

He is currently also a member of the trio The Luck Pushers and enjoys performing all great music.

The Future HeaviesThe Future Heavies

Andy Chatfield - drums
Mark Crino - bass
Alice-Anne Harwood Sherrill - lead vocals
Matthew James - lead vocals
David Lovelace - keyboards

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